Rittiner Wash Systems, LLC is a leading distributor for complete Ryko and Macneil vehicle wash systems for Louisiana, Missisippi, Florida and Alabama. We offer automatic, self serve and tunnel vehicle wash equipment. We also offer vehicle wash chemicals and ancillary equipment. Our Service Department is available 7 days a week.

Our team of associates, equipment suppliers, solutions suppliers, and parts suppliers, are all dedicated to helping you receive a very high return on your investment. We can assist you every step of the way, with site selection, site layout, building contractors, financial institutions, equipment suppliers, existing wash remodels, return on investment data or any other information pertinent to making a decision about your potential investment.

Ryko Manufacturing Company began as a privately owned corporation on May 1, 1973. The three founders – Jim Nelson, Larry Klein, and Steve Golden – had been involved in the sale, installation, and service of car wash equipment since 1970, working primarily with major oil companies that realized they could substantially increase their gasoline sales by offering their customers a free car wash. At that time, rollover type car wash equipment was becoming more popular for the “free with a fill” strategy because it was lower-priced, more economical to operate, and required less space than any other car wash equipment available.


Today, Ryko has grown into the largest manufacturer of rollover vehicle wash systems in the nation, and its product lines include CleanTouch and touchless rollovers, drive-throughs, conveyors, vacuums, dryers, self-service systems, and a wide range of accessories. The company’s products are marketed not only domestically, but also in many other countries throughout the world. Ryko has truly become an industry leader on a global scale.

For over 30 years MacNeil Wash Systems has provided superior vehicle wash equipment to the tunnel vehicle wash industry, automotive dealers, fleet and rental markets. Our turnkey systems, profit-boosting add-ons and cost-effective retrofits have been the envy of the industry, delivering a consistently superior clean with lower maintenance, higher throughput and greater revenue opportunity. Today, MacNeil equipment is more affordable than ever. Put us to the test.

What separates Rittiner Wash from the competition is our service philosophy. When a part malfunctions that puts the brakes on your car wash business, you don’t have time to wait a day or two for a replacement, you need it now. Rittiner Wash is ready for your call. Our equipment inventory is the highest in the industry because we understand that every minute your car wash is down, you’re losing business.


Need supplies? Our warehouse is stocked full of everything you need from chemicals to towels. We are your one-stop shop for equipment sales, service and car wash supplies.

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