Rittiner Equipment Company is the one-stop shop for all of your fueling equipment needs. We can provide everything from Point of Sale (POS), fuel dispensers, canopies, underground tanks, nozzles and fittings. Our experienced staff is ready to help you with every aspect of fueling equipment. We can help you with sales and installation of new fueling equipment, as well as servicing of existing equipment. Contact us today!

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As the world leader in electronic dispenser technology, Gilbarco presents technology with a human touch. Rittiner Equipment Company offers the full line of Gilbarco fuel dispensers, including:

  • Several Encore Dispenser models
  • Flex Fuel Dispensers (E-85 and Bio Diesel)
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)
  • The Legacy Series

Gilbarco fuel dispenser products offer more than just the newest technology, they also provide the right technology to ensure a smoother operation and increased customer loyalty.

In addition to fuel dispensers, Rittiner also sells, installs, and services Passport, or the Point of Sale (POS) system provided by Gilbarco. Passport offers:

  • Superior usability using touch screen technology
  • Seamless connectivity and standardization with dispensers
  • Powerful business information and security features
  • Sophisticated business growth tools
  • Easy expandability and maintenance

Passport gives you the power to grow your business by giving you a better way to connect.

The combination of cutting edge fuel pump product technology, POS reliability, and fuel management helps deliver higher margins and smarter business management, offering more control with less effort.



Rittiner Equipment represents a variety of fuel storage tank manufacturers. Whether you need an underground fiberglass tank or an above ground steel tank, we’ve got you covered. Contact Rittiner Equipment Company today for help in determining which type of fuel storage tank is best for you.

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Contact Rittiner Equipment Company for all of your tank gauging needs. We will work with you and Veeder Root, the leader in the tank gauging industry, to make sure your tanks are properly configured, monitored, and managed. Whether you are looking for automatic tank gauges, fuel management software, or monitoring wells, Rittiner is the place. Click the link below for more information on the Veeder Root products we offer:

Veeder Root

Veeder Root is the world’s leading supplier of automatic tank gauges (ATGs) and offers a wide range of products to meet the various needs of retail petroleum sites. Rittiner Equipment Company offers the following ATG/TLS Monitoring products from Veeder Root:

ATG/TLS Monitoring Console & Accessories

  • TLS-450 with Automated Compliance Management
  • TLS-350R, TLS-350 Plus and TLS-350J – Fully Featured Modular Systems
  • TLS-2 TLS 300c 1-2 Tank Configurable Console
  • TLS 300i 3-4 Tank Configurable Console

Gilbarco/Veeder Root fuel management services (FMS) is another important part of your business equation. FMS offers:

  • Environmental risk and compliance management
  • Fuel logistics and planning support
  • Site equipment monitoring and uptime
  • Fuel loss analysis and fuel inventory control
  • Managed maintenance programs
  • 24/7 access to Critical Information
  • Efficient data collection and web-based reporting

The services offered by FMS are web-enabled applications that provide greater control, less effort, and better results for environmental compliance, fuel management and equipment uptime.

Veeder Root innovations continue to meet the petroleum industry’s growing needs for measurement and monitoring. Veeder Root continues to offer better solutions through new environmental sensing technology and smarter tank gauging systems. Rittiner Equipment Company compliments the Veeder Root line by efficiently and competently installing and servicing tank gauging systems and other products.

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Along with dispensers, tanks, and point of sale systems,Rittiner Equipment Company also sells dispenser valve products, nozzles, swivels, breakaways, vents, and spill containment products. All of these products are necessary to keep your operation running smoothly. The products that Rittiner sells are dependable, durable, and reliable.