No matter how large your company or project, Rittiner Equipment can help you with planning, execution and maintenance, while staying within your budget and project deadlines.

Our commercial programs include:

  • Fleet fueling systems
  • Fleet management systems
  • Emergency generator systems
  • Bulk storage facilities
  • Aircraft refueling
  • Maintenance facilities/lube systems
  • Oil water separators
  • Boiler systems
  • Unattended fueling systems
  • Alternative Fueling system (CNG)

Rittiner Equipment provides quality Sales, Service and Installation of a wide variety of petroleum equipment ranging from fuel storage tanks to dispensers and accessories. Our team of system specialists and sales professionals offer an extensive range of experience and consulting to help build the right package for your application and your budget.Gasboy is the global leader for turnkey solutions for commercial fleet operators. Why? Because Gasboy has the proven expertise that our customers around the world have come to depend on.We are a true partner committed to delivering technology that performs well in the real world. Technology that truly understands what our customers want and need. Technology that builds business, anticipates what’s down the road, and proves itself over time. So it’s no wonder Gasboy is the name more people trust worldwide. From our reliable fuel dispensers to wireless vehicle identification systems to fleet management systems, Gasboy delivers total integrated solutions for fleet operators of all types and sizes.In this ever-changing world, Gasboy is a long-term partner you can depend on. See how our expertise can give you peace of mind.

Veeder Root Fuel Management Systems

Total Access
You can access or monitor your sites via any web browser on a PC or PDA.

The TLS-450 Direct AccessT software can be downloaded on a PC to securely control and modify configuration, upgrades and diagnostics

Total Control
Customize multi-level password access, alarms, email notifications, reports, built-in “help” and dashboard views to make sure all sites are under control.

Master Set up
Factory-loaded setup on the TLS – 450 offers uniform configuration across all sites, including passwords. This blocks unauthorized changes to your set up and notifies you of any modifications
Extended Storage 
Back up of reports, alarms, compliance, inventory, delivery and reconciliation data for up to 3 years

Automatic Reconciliation
Identify causes of variance for quick resolution and save you money
Removes many of the traditional uncertainties associated with wet stock loss analysis, allowing operators to quickly comprehend the effects of delivery, temperature and other variances and understand the critical areas on which to focus efforts for maximum advantage.

Your site will benefit from optimum inventory, better delivery scheduling and reduced risk outages

Graphical touch screen display for easy operation
Simple, touch-screen menu navigation means that clearly presented key facts and figures are literally at your fingertips.

Intuitive operation means site staff can quickly and easily use the system with the minimum of training.

Optimal risk management and environmental protection for the whole forecourt
Cover all aspects of loss using leak sensor monitoring, automatic reconciliation of fuel throughput and identification of variance components of temperature delivery.

Protect pressure lines by testing to precision levels as the site operates, with STP shutdown for leaks, water detection and dry-run conditions.

Rittiner Equipment works with vendors like Hall Tank to bring you the very best in underground and above-ground tanks for petroleum storage. No matter what your site needs are, we can find you the safest and most reliable tank options.

Xerxes fiberglass fuel storage tanks are a rust-proof, cost-effective alternative to steel tanks. Ask your Xerxes sales representative about the distinct advantages that Xerxes’ underground fuel storage tanks offers over steel tanks in this age of ethanol fuels and biodiesel fuel products.

Double-wall fiberglass storage tanks offer customers full 360-degree secondary containment providing maximum protection of the environment. The very popular Xerxes TRUCHEK hydrostatic monitoring system is one option to consider. Double-wall fuel tanks are available in capacities ranging from 600 gallons to 40,000 gallons.

Multi-compartment fiberglass storage tanks are a popular choice when storing two or three grades of fuel in a single tank within separate compartments. In many cases, these tanks provide overall savings vs. two or three separate tanks. Available in capacities up to 40,000 gallons, Xerxes multi-compartment tanks come standard with double-wall bulkheads.

Single-wall fiberglass storage tanks are available in capacities ranging from 600 gallons to 50,000 gallons.

Triple-wall fiberglass storage tanks provide customers with the most advanced level of security when secondary containment isn’t enough. A small number of jurisdictions regulate it. A triple-wall tank is available in sizes up to 40,000 gallons and offers four monitoring options.

Gasboy products are built to perform well and keep looking good in even the toughest environments. That’s why PSI supplies only automotive quality materials and coatings, including G90 galvanized steel frames, G60 galvanized steel under painted/coated surfaces, and optional 304 Kooline embossed stainless steel sheathing. Turnkey solutions from Gasboy and PSI provide you with maximum uptime and performance for the long term.

Gasboy solutions also shine in the fast-paced, time-sensitive arena of aviation. From the fuel island to the front office, PSI can bring you completely integrated systems that make sure every drop of fuel is accounted for. And just as important, the systems — and all the components within the systems from fuel controllers to fuel management software — are designed for maximum efficiency to keep your operation running on time and on budget.

Your customers need it, and you need it to be accurate and reliable. Rittiner Equipment is able to
fulfill all of your DEF needsand make sure that you are always up and running by providing services like:

  • Mini-Bulk Storage Systems
  • Insulated Tank Systems
  • Commercial & Fleet Dispensers
  • Tote or Drum Mounted Dispensing Systems
  • Portable Tank Systems
  • Transfer Pumps
  • DEF Hoses & Accessories