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Fuel and Food Expo


left to right, John Wallace, Jenny Langlois, Trey Seaman, Ronnie Swinehart, Perry Rittiner, Angel Thibodaux, Bobby Hemphill and Harry Higgins

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Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment

As the retail petroleum technology leader, Gilbarco is committed to bringing the latest technologies to the retail petroleum industry, allowing our broad customer base to remain at the forefront of retail technologies.

Mobile payment is being touted as the next big thing in retail payment technology. With contactless payment options quickly gaining popularity amongst smartphone savvy users, you can now leverage the power of mobile payment at the pump and give your customers a simple and effective way to pay for fuel and other in-store items.

The intuitive mobile communication channel also helps incentivize the sales process and helps you grow and maintain a regular stream of repeat customers.

With technologies like Near Field Communication (NFC) and cloud based network interaction, mobile payments are extremely easy to setup and integrate, allowing secure and seamless integration between mobile devices and a point of sales system.

Mobile payments at the c-store not only allow your customers make transactions in a safe and secure manner, but also adds a lot of value to your operations including media and marketing message integration such as issuing electronic coupons and receipts.

store sales, look no further than sstore upselling solutions. Solutions such as the Impulse™ brings the power of suggestion to your company strategy by making use of the c-store suggestive selling technology that helps improve cashier performance and boost upsell conversion rates.

Go for the best and the latest in retail payment technology and see how s innovative and future proof solutions can make a difference to your business.
Press Release: Gilbarco Veeder-Root working with PayPal to simplify payment at the pump.

PayPal Blog Post: PayPal: Coming to Neighborhood Gas Station Near You.


Two technologies are typically referenced in mobile payment discussions: Near Field Communication (NFC) or Cloud (network)-based interaction.

1. Near Field Communication:

  • Payment, Loyalty, and Coupons transmitted from phone to POS via contactless chip
  • Uses EMV contactless reader
  • Required POS integration work

Different Levels of Mobile Payment – Gilbarco Veeder-Root

NFC based Mobile Payment Schematics – Gilbarco Veeder-Root

2. Cloud-based (network):

  • (QR-code or unique transaction ID)
  • Payment, Loyalty, and Coupons exchanged in the ‘cloud’
  • Mostly POS development work

Cloud based Mobile Payment Schematics – Gilbarco Veeder-Root


Mobile Payment Benefits

  • Adds value to the transaction
  • Enhanced loyalty / media integration with targeted messaging
  • Electronic coupons and receipts

Gilbarco remains committed to providing these latest technologies to our customer partners. Please check back often for additional content. Visit our blog for more information about Mobile Payment.

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Meet Impulse


Meet Impulse

Use Impulse to sell those higher margin items in your store

Allow us to introduce you to Impulse™, Gilbarco’s innovative countertop merchandising system. Impulse’s compact design takes up a small amount of space but pacts a big punch to your marketing ability!

You want to sell those higher margin items in your store?
Well, so does Impulse! This little unit integrates directly with Passport® POS and recognizes your customers! Using loyalty (or other frequency clubs), purchase history and environmental variables (weather, location, etc), Impulse displays promotions specially designed to that purchase!

Watch the video demo below to learn more about Impulse:




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With more than one million customers purchasing their products and services on their phones, merchants of all sizes are warming up to mobile payment technology, according to The Motley Fool.

Mobile contactless payment provides customers a seamless way to purchase products and services. When taking this technology to the forecourt, it allows customers to digitalize their wallets and pay for fuel with a simple tap of their smart phones. Contactless payment is not only convenient for the customer, but because it decreases wait time, it will alternatively help increase the flow of customers coming in and out of your forecourt.

Cstore Mobile Pay

Taryn Brice-Rowland, NATSO’s director of member engagement, told Stopwatch that he suggested c-stores whom are considering upgrading to EMV, should also think about taking advantage of also adding on contactless payment options.

Fuel dispensers with near field communication (NFC) capabilities carry an extra punch of protection that EMV chips provide with credit cards. Like EMV cards, NFC uses data encryption when creating a channel of sensitive information between your phone and the reader.

What does this mean for you and the customer? That hackers are going to have a much harder time stealing your customer’s information and in turn, save you from being financially liable for chargeback costs. This feature provides the added security needed in a world where credit card skimming continues to be a major issue.

Parker Burke, director of Operations for Gilbarco Veeder-Root, told Stopwatch magazine that “operators that offer a variety of payment technologies and various mobile payment options such as Apple Pay, will appeal to more customers that do not want to download an app for every store they shop at.”

Another great feature of NFC mobile payment is that it is versatile. Other merchants create their own apps that customers would have to download for each business and then create an account in order to pay. What NFC technology brings is that you can not only use Apple Pay to pay for gas at the pump, but you can purchase products in the c-store and then across the street at Whole foods or another merchant that accepts mobile payment.

If you are looking to build a loyal customer base, accepting contactless transactions is a great option to consider venturing into. Technology is taking c-stores to new levels for upselling and building loyal customers. From digital signage to contactless payments, the customer personae are evolving and so should your store.

If you want to learn more about contactless and/or mobile payment technologies, check out Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s contactless paymentand mobile payment options. For more details on Gilbarco’s c-store and gas station POS systems, check out our suite of POS terminalsthat allows your customers to transact at your register with ease.


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Rittiner Equipment welcomes Bobby Hemphill

Rittiner Equipment Company announces the hiring of Bobby Hemphill as its General Manager. Bobby was a Regional Account Manager with Gilbarco for 18 years covering Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Arkansas. Bobby will be responsible for sales and operations for the 5 Rittiner offices throughout the Gulf Coast.

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Rittiner Equipment Partners with Patriot Capital to Assist Dealers in Meeting EMV Deadline






Rittiner Equipment Partners with Patriot Capital to Assist Dealers in Meeting EMV Deadline


Partnership creates financing resources for C-Store and commercial fueling EMV upgrades



ATLANTA, GA – Rittiner Equipment, a major fuel equipment wholesaler servicing Louisiana, Mississippi and the southern U.S, has partnered with Patriot Capital, a division of State Bank and Trust Company, to provide financing options to help fuel retailers with the installation of upgraded point-of-sale and fuel dispensing equipment to meet EMV payment security standards.


Rittiner Equipment has arranged exclusive access for its equipment customers to a range of dispenser and point-of-sale (POS) financing programs from Patriot Capital to expedite upgrades to forecourt and in-store equipment. These programs  – including Patriot Capital’s new “Easy EMV” program – assist c-stores in meeting the shift to accept EMV “chip card” payment at the gas pump and in-store, and also as a means of meeting fuel consumers’ demands for better conveniences and technologies, both in-store and at the pump.


“Rittiner has long been recognized for both their strong commitment to customer satisfaction and in delivering innovative solutions to their dealers – both values that we at Patriot share with them,” said Chris Santy, President, Patriot Capital, a division of State Bank and Trust Company. “We are flattered to have a long standing relationship with the Rittiner team and to have been chosen as their exclusive equipment-financing partner.”


Based in Harvey, Louisiana, since 1972, Rittiner Equipment has been in the business of sales and installation of a variety of fueling equipment, including gas pumps, underground storage tanks, LED price signs and associated equipment used by fuel retailers and in commercial fueling operations.

“The financing services that Patriot Capital provides to our dealers enables them to quickly be approved to purchase new dispensers, POS or other equipment essential to running an effective convenience store or commercial fueling operation,” said Perry Rittiner, owner, Rittiner Equipment. “Having a strong financing partner is beneficial to both our customers and our sales representatives.”

“Easy EMV” provides a selection of financing and leasing options to multi-site fuel jobbers and convenience store owners that wish to upgrade gas pumps with EMV-compatible equipment prior to the October, 2017, liability shift on the forecourt.


For More Information On Rittiner Equipment, Please Visit:

Rittiner Equipment:



About Patriot Capital


Patriot Capital, a division of State Bank and Trust Company, specializes in enabling entrepreneurs to succeed by providing hassle-free equipment financing in the retail and commercial fueling verticals and other retail and manufacturing industries. Working with its customers to enable them to optimize their financing and capital structures, Patriot Capital is the leading provider of capital equipment financing and leasing to NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores), PMAA (Petroleum Marketers Association of America) and SIGMA (Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America) members.



Patriot Capital, a division of State Bank and Trust Company

Richard Browne, Vice-President ,Marketing

Cell: 404.977.1251






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Rittiner Equipment acquires LasscoLLC of Lake Charles

Rittiner Equipment Company Inc (Rittiner) has acquired the business assets of Lassco LLC in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Rittiner now has offices with service and construction personnel in Mobile, AL, New Orleans (Harvey), Baton Rouge (Denham Springs), Lafayette (Scott) and Lake Charles, LA.

Perry Rittiner, President of Rittiner, said in a release that he “is excited about the newest group of qualified personnel to join the Rittiner family in its third generation of growth.”